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Picking a just right book in 7 ways

“Mom,” Tommy yells with excitement, “Can I get this book?”

Mom looks over and sees that her 7 year old son wants to read Harry Potter, by himself, cause it has a boy with glasses, just like him on the front cover.

He’s not daunted by the hundreds of pages before him nor the fact that it has no pictures.

What can mom do?

If you’ve ever been in the situation where your kids aren’t picking a Just Right book, here are a few guidelines to help!

It’s called the 5 Finger Rule:

1) Open up the book with your child.

2) Pick any page to read!

3) Count words that your child doesn’t know how to read (decode) quickly

0-1 Words missed is too easy but save for vacation

2-3 Words missed is just right

4 Words missed is a great book to share and read together

5 Words missed is a great story to listen to on audio book, or as a read a loud before bed.

This goes for kiddos who like too easy books as well!

Other considerations when picking a book:

1. Who’s your favorite author? Do they have more books?

2. What’s genre do you love? Can you find a new author?

3. What’s the latest series that’s out? Are you willing to give it a try?

4. Use an app to help you find your next book like:

5. How much time do you have for your next book?

6. What medium will you be using? Audiobook? Ebook? Paperback? And is it in stock?

Anyway you pick a book, just remember to make time for reading!


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