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Teachers and Tutors on the same side?

Dear Teacher in a brick and mortar school,

I can be your first line of defense! I can be your back up! I can be the echo that keeps on repeating. I can be the honest voice that tells the parent what next steps they can do to support their child.

When I see our student once a week, I get the most intensive and best opportunity to deliver high quality and individualized instruction. Please understand that I’m not just some kid who wants to make a few extra dollars on the side. This is my business and my livelihood.  I’m a licensed teacher who keeps up with professional development. I’m a teacher who takes 30 minutes to plan for EACH and EVERY one of my students. I’m a teacher who progress monitors, writes reports, and has to work hard to keep families engaged.

When you learn that one of your students has the privilege of working with a tutor, take the time to collaborate! Here’s a list of just a few ways to share information:

  1. Share your graphic organizers especially if they’re specific and/or required by your district.
  2. If a tutor shares a graphic organizer with you, be open to using it. The graphic organizer may work better for your student because it may have more scaffolding, more prompting questions, more visuals, increased spacing, highlighted lines for writing, or more.
  3. Keep your student’s tutor up to date on his reading level. We like to use our own assessments but don’t want to skew your data by using the same tests (ie…DRA, Dibbles, etc…). Just a quick email on his progress is greatly appreciated.
  4. We should be emailing you strategies that are effective with our student. As we get that precious 1:1 time, we get to really know the kiddo and see a variety of ways to reach the child. Let us share this knowledge with you to increase the student’s success in the classroom!
  5. Include us on your weekly or monthly newsletter and let us know the areas of study. We’ll be happy to find texts on the Mayans, Colorado History, or cells!
  6. Verbiage! Is there specific language that you use in your classroom to help with writing? Decoding? Comprehension? Share this information to keep continuity for our student.
  7. Check your worksheets and share what type of paper that you use in your class. Do you use Learning Without Tears paper, highlighted paper, college ruled, dashed paper, paper that has space for illustrations, or something else? Share this with your child’s tutor.
  8. Collaborate on how to support a child with an I.E.P. What accommodations are used daily that the tutor needs to create in her learning environment?
  9. Are there special considerations with the child or family that need to be discussed in order for the child to be successful in the classroom? Let’s share these needs!
  10. Resources! Why reinvent the wheel? Ask and share with each other on different tools to enhance learning! This can include: apps, reading materials, organizers, blogs, curriculum, online textbooks, and so much more!

As the school year has started, let’s remember that we’re all here for the education of children!


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