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5 steps to get your child ready for school

Summer is in full swing but whenever I walk into a store, I’m reminded that there are only 24 days left before kids go to school (but whose counting). How am I supposed to get the kids ready for school?

  1. School supplies is a must. Go to your school’s website and find what are the teachers asking for. However, if you need support with school supplies, please contact A Precious Child at to utilize their Fill A Backpack program.
  2. Ensure that your child has a study place all ready to go. Desks are the best but if your child is like mine, he’ll be playing on his phone while sitting at his desk or will have Roblox open on his computer when he’s supposed to be doing reading. The kitchen table is always a good choice or a family room table. Either way, having your child within line of eye sight is a good idea for your child to know that you care about their education and your presence is a great support. Additionally, make the location consistent so that they know when I’m sitting here, I’m working.
  3. Send your child’s teacher an email introducing him/her. Let them know all the great things about your child and what he/she is excited about learning this year. Additionally, if your child has an IEP or 504 make sure that the teacher is aware of this document and the accommodations that are in place to give your child all the success he/she needs during the school year. Set up a meeting before school starts if your child has more intensive needs to meet the teacher in a more casual setting.
  4. Find a way to help your child with executive functions: goal setting, organization, and time management are all skills that your child needs in school life and everyday adult world. If your child looses binders and notebook all the time consider using one big binder! If your child likes to stuff his paper all in one folder or at the bottom of his backpack consider using an accordion folder. If your child doesn’t have a lot of papers consider using a crate with folders that’s left at home for the random papers that he does need to keep. If your child has a hard time organizing all of his materials consider getting matching colored folder, notebook, and binder.
  5. Lastly, get apps that will help your child. Here are some of my favorite:
    1. Math resources to help with fractions, decimals, shapes, money, number lines, counting, and patterns.
    2. Google calendar to help with all things timely. This is a great video that shows how to effeciently use Google calendars:
      1. Here’s the Google calendar website:
    3. Mercury Reader allows the website to only pull up the text
    4. Co writer also on the chrome store allows students to dictate and use word predictive software.

Have a great school year knowing that you’ve prepared your child for success!


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