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Psychology today reviews handwriting research

Let’s not forget to talk about the middle child, the step child of writing…CURSIVE! Why write in cursive? It’s dead. I can write in cursive when I pull down my font menu and select some of “Script”. Who can read that font anyway? 

I know that when my children get their holiday cards from Great-Grandma they had ask me earlier, “Which one is mine?” because she wrote their names in cursive (beautiful penmanship, I might add).

However, in March 2013, Psychology Today, did a review of the current studies out on cursive. It states that your child’s brain will be able to integrate movement control and thinking at the same time. Multi-tasking! Your child will be able to have excellent fine motor control. Can you say future surgeon? Your child’s reading skills will improve because when children are explicitly taught handwriting, their reading part of their brain is activated as well. Reading becomes natural because our minds connect with our bodies. When taught handwriting, our bodies muscle memory can already read.   

In our 21st century of, “It’s all been done before” we need to encourage our children to think outside the box. We need them to be themselves and express all their ideas! Cursive writing gives kids a better sense of personal style and writing becomes their own. They can write faster, add details and include more ideas when given the know-how of cursive, pen and paper. 

In this world of technology, we still need to give our children 15 minutes everyday to write!

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Writing with the Brain!

James and Berninger state that, “Teaching handwriting has been shown to have greater impact on brain development especially the areas of the brain related to literacy development” (James, 2012; Berninger 2012).  What a fantastic opportunity we have here to be able to give our children a voice as we increase their reading comprehension, vocabulary and open up the wonderful world of reading! I’m so excited to be able to start classes next week and help students use their entire brain! We’re going to tap into this amazing resource by using a wide variety of mediums. We’ll be singing, listening to music, moving, following directions, having new experiences all with the help of Handwriting Without Tears ( and Brain Gym (! These will not just be writing classes…but a way for your child to have a great impact on her/his brain!


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